2008 Tulum (and a wedding)

¡Hola! [OH-la]...Felicitaciones a nosotros! (Hi. Congratulations to us!)

Our WEDDING and a week with Family and friends . Yay - well, after 11 years, here we are. We were so grateful that so many of our friends and family could make it. Out of 75 invites 50 adults and 7 kids were there to share our day (some for the week). It meant the world to us that so many were there. It was a simply planned "anti-wedding wedding". So named "Brian and Marisha's Day of Fun". We planned everything ourselves: from the invites, to the decor, menu and even my dress. Yup, a Marisha Original. I will be taking orders for an extravagant fee. All our pictures will be posted here and we'll also add a bunch to a WALMART link if you want to order any for yourselves. There are tons of great ones...yes - Steve, all for you cause you missed some! hahahahahahahaha


Drinks Consumed


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1 : Wedding Week

Brian and I rented a house in Tankah Bay. Its the small bay next to Tulum bay - separated...

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2 : The No-Rehersal BBQ

No rehearsal means no rehearsal dinner. We wanted everything to feel very natural so we decided to wing the...

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3: Our Beach Wedding

Happy Day of the Dead. We were told it was lucky to get married on the Day of the...

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