Peru 2005

¡Hola! (OH-la)

Peru...We definitely under-estimated Peru. After a little research, There is so much more to it than we thought. The entire country has more diversity in climate and terrain than our does. It was our biggest "Surprise" and should turn out to be a Respectable Adventure. Just goes to show you, assumptions get you no where.

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Day 1 : Lima, Peru

Well, we Landed in Lima last night around 6:30pm. This was an easy cab ride from the airport (unlike...

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Day 3 : Cusco, Peru

Holy ****!  Our flight into Cuzco scared the pants off me. Brian loved it of course. Older than God...

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Day 4 : Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley Most people visit the Sacred Valley as part of an organized one-day tour - so we...

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Day 7 : The Inca Trail

The Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu.  How can you even think about visitng Peru and not hiking the Inca...

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Day 8 : Machu Picchu

So to recap - we woke up at 4am, ate breakfast and hit the trail dark and early. The...

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Day 11 : Copal Urco (Amazon), Peru

The Amazon.  Ok, We had to abandon our ambitious plans of embarking on the first guests ever - "Virgin...

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Day 12 : Iquitos, Peru

Ahh, civilization (sort of). After 4 days in the jungle our guide-friend Daniel showed us around the city of...

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Day 15 : Mancora, Peru

Feliz Navidad everyone! Mancora is a small (and we mean small) surfing town in the upper northeast corner of...

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Day 19 : Trujillo, Peru

Getting to Trujillo, we had our first experience with the Peruvian Bus system. Oi! I, (M) got a scratch...

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Day 22 : Huanchaco, Peru

After our day in Trujillo, we felt we exhausted that venue (it's quite small) and headed about 30 minutes...

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