2013 Morocco

(ssalamū 'lekum) - " اسلا عليكم  " Hi  

We had heard all the "it's dangerous" spins on traveling in Morocco. For months family and friends were warning us about traveling there. And we get it, lots of places have their risks.  But if you plan travel around the Travel Dangers Section of the US Embassy website - you'll never leave your driveway.  (From the words of T.S.) ... never.... like....ever.  It did get into our heads a little, though. So much so that we changed our itinerary before we even left the US and spent the later part of our journey traveling through London and Paris. As lovely as they are, we are really bummed we didn't keep the full trip in Morocco. Another week would have been perfect to see the northern coast and Fez. Oh well. A lesson learned. So from now on we shall stick to our gut. We'll tell everyone what I always say to my Mom: "Say what you will, I'm going to do what I want anyway".  Maybe from now on we play the Where-the-hell-are-Brian-and-Marisha-game and not tell anyone where we are going until we get there.....Thank you Matt Lauer for that idea.


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Day 1 : Amsterdam (side-jaunt 1)

A 10 hour layover  in Amsterdam might just be long enough to get into trouble. It is a super...

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Day 2 : El Jadida

Sometimes I wonder where our travel choices come from. We have decided to rent a car today (we named...

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Day 3 : Essaouria

(Wa-sarri-a), we we told,  is one of the most quaint yet essentially Moroccan towns in the country and after being here...

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Day 5 : Marrakech

We hopped into the car (oh sorry, I mean we hopped into Mustafa) again and headed out for our...

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Day 7 : Ouarzazate

Can we start with a holy ****? We drove ourselves over the Tichka (Tish-ka) on highway N9 (Route National...

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Day 8 : TREK (Tineghir)

Riding around with Peter is like going to adult Disney World ... The rides are exciting and sometimes scary...

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Day 10 : TREK (Knob)

Days three and four were transition days and have been pretty great. Again, we have no idea what to...

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Day 12 : TREK (Zagora)

Yesterday's scenery as well as some of today's is brought to you by The Draa Valley. A desert plateau...

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Day 13 : TREK (Agdz)

Wow. What an amazing experience we just had. Not only is Morocco just an experience in itself, but this...

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Day 15 : Casablanca

We figured we had an extra day so why not change it up and spend our last 2 days...

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Day 18 : London (side-jaunt 2)

  In true Brian and Marisha style we took a flight to Paris and ended up in London.  We...

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Day 21: Paris (side-jaunt 3)

Ok, NOW we are in Paris. And thanks to Lisa Z, we got a few suggested highlights to hit....

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