2008 El Salvador + Guatemala

¡Hola! [OH-la]  "Hi"

Well, after getting married in Tulum, MX and hanging out for a week, we are heading out for Central America for over 2 weeks on a "Honeymoon" ... of sorts (Cowles style).  We are going to tromp through El Salvador for a few days over the Ruta-de-Flores. There isn't a whole lot of tourism there, so 5 days should feel longer than 5 days. Then we make our first International  boarder crossing by bus and head into Guatemala for the majority of our trip. There is more to see and do there including the Ruins of Tikal and the volcanic Lake Atitlan. We are looking forward to roughing it a little  after our cushy little week in Tulum. 


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Day 1: San Salvador, El Salvador

We are now in El Salvador. Let the Honeymoon begin haha . We landed in San Salvador at around...

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Day 2 : Apaneca, El Salvador

SO...this morning we catch what we think is a "ride" along the Routa de Flores to the mountain town...

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Day 2 : Juyayua, El Salvador

Juyayua was our original destination because every sunday they have the "Festival de Gastronomica". No joke. That is really...

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Day 2 : Ataco, El Salvador

I tell you what - this is only day 2 and we feel like I have been to 3...

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Day 5 : Flores, Guatemala

We crossed the boarder today. As we crossed the boarder, we got out to change money with a guy holding...

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Day 6 : Tikal National Park

And one of our major must do's - Tikal.  Meanwhile back in 700bc, Tikal was the largest (and tallest)...

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Day 8 : Poptun, Guatemala

Well, one thing is -  Our journey so far has shown us is that no matter how crazy you...

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Day 10 : Rio Dulce, Guatemala

A 3 hour bus ride while watching "Transformers" en espaniol, ended in the town Frontiera which begins the Rio...

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Day 12 : Livingston, Guatemala

Only accessable by boat via the Rio Dulce or by crossing Lago de Ixobel is the unique town of...

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Day 13 : Antigua, Guatemala

  Ok, new lesson learned on Brian and Marisha´s travel adventures. Do not try and fit 3 weeks travel...

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Day 14 : Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala

Lago de Atitlan touches the the limit of picturesque; an astonishingly beautiful highland lake surrounded by immense volcanoes. It...

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Day 17 : Antigua, Guatemala

Back in Antigua for a few days. With 2 days left we get to explore a little more and...

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