2012 Cambodia

សួស្ដី  [sous-dey] - "Hi"

Thank you, thank you, thank you ... we are back in the swing of travel. And like every trip before, people ask "Why Cambodia"?... Well, for a relatively small country it really packs in the highlights we look for. From isolated jungle Temples to Tropical islands and National parks. ..not to mention the food, the culture and the people. After 3 decades of war, having been to Hell and back, Cambodia has opened it's arms to the world. Despite it's beautiful backdrop and having the Mother of all Temples in it's backyard, It is still one of the poorest countries in the world. It is in worse shape than Congo and just scraped ahead of Myanmar (Burma) for the worst of the worst. Tourism is here, but very lopsided. Most suitcase travelers don't come here unless it's on a flight in and out of Siem Reip and the Temples of Angkor - and that suits us just fine. And...For the first time in years, we are traveling with someone else. You all know him, he married us.....Jim (Double O) or OO throughout this journal. Thank you for following us on yet another amazing trip. 


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Day 2 : Phnom Penh

https://brianandmarisha.com/wp-content/uploads/VID01176.m4v Cambodia Bound on the first leg with an 11 hour sunset.Tell you what - Aisiana air rocks. Ipad...

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Day 5 : Siem Reap

Lesson #1. Siem Reap (See-em Ree-ep). You're welcome.  So we made it to Siem Reap and It is Obama-Fever...

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Day 6 : Battambang

Lesson #2. (Bat-tam-bong). Well - didn't we take a amazing little journey today?! There are a few ways to...

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Day 7 : Pursat

I am writing this on Thanksgiving. So Happy Thanksgiving. It will probably not post until days later as internet...

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Day 9 : Kampot

Like many new visitors to Kampot, we have been seduced by the little riverside town. It is a relaxed...

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Day 11 : Sihanoukville

We made it to Sihanoukville, the Coast. A town with many small beaches, a lot like Goa (India) only...

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Day 12 : Tatai River

We had an entertaining drive from the Beach up to the Tatai River Valley - a 2.5 hour taxi...

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Day 16 : Phnom Pehn

Back in the city. Well, this was suppose to be 3 days of the Water festival and dragon boat...

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Day 18 : Seoul, South Korea

Well, we have started our journey home. We have a 12 1/2 hour layover in Seoul S. Korea, so...

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