This is Brian and Marisha.... and Klaus.

Well this is always fun. I mean  - who doesn't like to talk about themselves?! Here is really all you need to know:

  • We are professional Tequila drinkers
  • We have 1 son (Klaus) who has 4 legs, is covered in long white fur. He is a Swiss shepherd
  • Our friends describe us as "Ghetto-Fabuluous" travelers (this is fairly true)
  • Marisha once murdered a ferret in a dishwasher (it was only once though and it was a 100% accident)
  • Brian tried to start a boyband called F8! (this IS a true story)
  • Marisha is an an entrepreneur, a creative and has an obsession with mini animals (especially goats)
  • Brian works for the man, but aspires to be he oldest "Lifty" on the mountain and runs on Nutella
  • Klaus has an unhealthy cat obsession, loves to be vacuumed and is afraid of everything (including wind)