Day 13-17 : Maui

Pulling it together ....

Weeeellll.... that was a rough morning. Remember that whole story about refrigerators and jeeps? We had to get up at sunrise, drive over an hour back to our hotel, try and sleep for an hour, get up, pack and get to the airport by 8:30 to catch a 10am flight to Maui.  Our friends Mike and Mimma are getting  married day after tomorrow - hence the Maui stop.

Maui should be a fun change up. We have friends already there in a condo on the beach. The Cowles will sleep on the floor, like we do, for a night then head to fancy-town wedding  hotels.

Pre-boat cocktails
Boats and Booze....
Wedding lovers.
The fun table. Always the fun table.
Steve and Colleen at the condo - right before Colleen decided to save the world with lettuce.
Sunsets from boats.
Mike and Mimma playing Titanic.
Fancy wedding hotels
This one doesn't need a caption.

After some good old wedding debauchery naked swimming - we had one day left to explore Maui.  We like to stop a lot and didn't feel like spending an entire day in the car, so chose the smaller West Maui loop. This would not be considered an easy drive and so less confident drivers are advised to take on only part of the West Maui Circle Drive. For a portion of the drive (around the old village of Kahakuloa) you are on a twisting single lane with cars going both ways and only few passing places.

Some road trip pics
Maui mini road trip
Maui - West drive loop
Beautiful farm land on the coast.

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