2016 Hawaii

Aloha [a-lo-ha] - "Hi"

3 Islands in under 3 weeks. Hawaii has always been on the radar but we honestly did not think we would go there until retirement. We expected a place that was overly touristy, expensive and somewhere you go just to hang out on the beach and possibly attempt a surf lesson. Yes, It is all those things, but it's also so much more. You can make Hawaii as adventurous as you want and we found it a pleasant surprise. Our friends Mike and Mimma are getting married on Maui so what better excuse to get there and explore around.




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Day 1-5 : Big Island

We decided to hit the Big Island first on our little Hawaii whirlwind tour. We flew into Kona where...

Day 6-12 : Kauai’i

Kauai.  A little Island with a whole lot of awesome. Our main focus on this island is the Kalalau...

Day 13-17 : Maui

Weeeellll.... that was a rough morning. Remember that whole story about refrigerators and jeeps? We had to get up...

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