Day 21: Paris (side-jaunt 3)

Ok, NOW we are in Paris. And thanks to Lisa Z, we got a few suggested highlights to hit. Unfortunately we didn't take any pics at her house but the wine did flow - so that is the official excuse and we are sticking to it. Our last few days of this entire trip are here. All due to flight options, poor planning, changing plans etc.  We hit all the major touristy places so that if we ever get back here we can branch out. Our favorite part of Paris was Montmartre (Thanks Lisa Z). A quaint little village on top of a hill sharing real estate with Sacre Coeur Cathedral.


We spent our rainy day at the Louvre. Plus, you really have to go there at least once in your life. Its the freakin louvre.
Hahahahahha-Hahaha Le Petit Auto. We really can't get enough of these....
Paris Graffiti. Paris has great fun graffiti which we both love.
Ponts de Arts "Love Locks Bridge". For all the lovers out there. People write both their names on the lock and throw the key into the Seine River.
Notre Dame Cathedral. The gargoyles from a top balcony....they are everywhere and a little creepy actually. See.... creepy.
We aren't really into Church - but we ARE into Churches. Inside St Sulpice Church. Love the pews.
Cafe Time. If you aren't looking at churches and such, you hang out at Cafes...they are literally everywhere and so a part of the culture. Old, young, even highschool kids linger at Cafes for hours.
Ummmm.....Seriously? There are way too many twigs and berries in this place.
Fatty Fatty Two by Four. Stop feeding this bird for God's-sake.
Inside st Germain cathedral.
Inside Notre Dame cathedral. The stone work would have made Dad giddy like a school girl.
Notre Dame Cathedral. Its the happy looking ones you need to watch out for. These little guys are everywhere you look.....
Paris is for Loooovers. And If we are in Paris and near the Eiffel tower, then goddamnit that is what we are!
More Paris Graffiti. Yes Mr Pachino, we too love the gays.

Montmartre was made famous in the film Amalie which was shot mostly in the Café des 2 Moulins. It is also the neighborhood of Pablo Pisacco and Vincent Van Gough where he lived and cut off his own ear. Again, We will try and avoid the photos that you have already seen 120 times and focus on some fun details....
We head home tonight. Its been a fun trip...'till next time....


The Montmartre Neighborhood. An idea of what the neighborhood looks like. Cobble stone streets, little shops. Very frenchie ... we had the BEST (French) onion soup here.
The Montmartre Neighborhood with Sacre Coeur church in the background.
More great graffiti
More great graffiti
We are Headed home! Ooh La la.... The Paris Airport is dreamy ...They also had Serenity pods. Not sure what a serenity pod is but sign me up anyway.
Picasso and Van Gough both lived in the neighborhood. Don't say you didn't learn anything on this blog.
Well - if this doesn't make you smarter, I'm not sure what will. (Paris Graffiti) Hehehe
More great graffiti
Our favorite Cafe - right on the Seine and an airstream trailer bar/cafe. ..... except a small meat and cheese plate costs $38....eeks. We are definitely not in Morocco anymore.

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