Day 1 : Amsterdam (side-jaunt 1)

A 10 hour layover  in Amsterdam might just be long enough to get into trouble. It is a super cool city, but we probably should have reversed our route and ended here. It would take a nice contrast to the Morocco journey - well, you know what they say about hindsight....

Please please please tell me this is how you get from the airport to downtown. .... No price is too great.

Now we are wishing we would have taken a bike parking picture or some rush hour bike traffic video. Holy cow. Can't imagine biking in this city at rush hour or any hour for that matter. Just crossing the street on foot is like playing Frogger. On another note the cafes are awesome, the vibe is chill and city is noticeably young.

Typical of what the waterways look like. Similar to maybe Venice only you have way more room...and bikes....

To get the most out of our short time (8 hours) we opted for the hop on/off boat tour only to hop off at the first stop and never return.  Money not well spent. Walking the neighborhoods is where it's at. We wish we would have had a whole day or even 1 night to really get the taste of it but it still beats a layover in Atlanta any day.

Train Station: If you take it from the airport, it drops you right off in the main square where all the cool things are
The Red Light District: We are keeping this photo clean, for the kids. But it's like they say it is. Windows and all during the day. It's always time for a good time.

There is a story here....but it's too long to type. Next time we see you ask and we'll tell. Just know we barely made it out alive, it involves a map, a train and some local color.

These never get old. Especially when you see 2 200 pound guys in one zip by.

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