Day 18 : Seoul, South Korea

Well, we have started our journey home. We have a 12 1/2 hour layover in Seoul S. Korea, so what better to do than get out and see what we can in that time. Well it is amazing anyone would even want to leave Incheon International airport to begin with. First of all its the largest airport in the world and its NICE. Its hard to decipher it its an airport of a mall. It has miles of stores (real stores, not airport ones), a built in hotel, live performances all day long, a parade, an ice rink, a movie theater, a news and movie lounge, beds, free showers that look like a spa, free massage chairs, Internet stations with free laptops to use, a nail salon, a day spa and just crazy things that make you want a layover longer than 12 hours just to see it all .

Incheon Airport. The news and movie room, now playing The Expendables 2 - with Korean subtitles.
Lounger beds - Ahhhhhhh. 12 hours of what? sleepy time.
Showers - are you kidding me? God our airports in the US are Ghetto! Now I am just sad thinking about the next time i have to fly and might potentially have a layover in Atlanta where everyone is angry and hates life. Worst airport EVER. Maybe we'll route throgh Korea on our way to the Burgh for Xmas.

We booked a 5 hour day tour that leaves right from the airport and it was awesome. We saw just enough to get a taste of the city and our guide Molly was a rip in the pants. She was always yelling at Brian for sneaking off to take pictures so she said she was finding me a good Korean man. hahaha she was funny. Anyway, here is a taste of our day in Seoul.

Seoul, S Korea. Downtown infront of the giant, they say seashell, I say its a giant dr Seuss Xmas tree
We don't know what they are showing right now, but we are IN!
Him too.....
I was laughing at Molly yelling at us to Move it! By the way, its Freakin cold. From 90's in Cambodia to 30's in Seoul.
Year if the Pig - I do love to eat and I dont't love bacon. Makes sense to me
The party room on the Palace grounds, Yes, sign us up. Awesome!
Hey hey hey Ladies!
The ceiling in the main building where the King sat all day. Wow right? Uncle Bobby - how much to paint this in Mom's living room?
A spice shop on Namdaemun market street in downtown Seoul
Another thing you see all over the world, and now that we live in Seattle, Starbucks all over the globe pics may have to make the new rotation.
Downtown Seoul. Chunggyecheon Riverwalk. Not too long ago this was a shantytown.
Love Love Love these guys! If we could fit them into out packs, we'd steal them from the Palace grounds.
On the palace grounds, an original housing structure. Cute, yes?
Its all in the details really. A roofline of one of the temples on the palace grounds.
Year of the rat. Well - you do the math. hahahaha ha-ha Brian!
Some students getting their pic take with us.
Love this picture. Our guide, Crazy Molly, took this.
Bri on Namdaemun market street in downtown Seoul. A great mix of old meets new.
We always seem to trave on or near Xmas - so we love seeing how other countries do Xmas. Same Same but different.
Corn dingie looking thingie filled with rice ice cream. Looks ....ahh, well. Let me turn away as I try it.

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