Day 12 : Tatai River

Rarely seen Road Signs A road sigh we don't ever get to see ...I mean like EVER.

We had an entertaining drive from the Beach up to the Tatai River Valley - a 2.5 hour taxi ride with the chattiest taxi driver in all of Cambodia. This guy somehow got wind of- and how to use, the "F-Bomb". And he practices it frequently. Between his free flowing conversation and OO's question asking, we learned everything from A to Z.

  1. The cost of cars (new and used), gas and repairs.
  2. How the Chinese are trying to take over and how Cambodians want US companies here rather than Chinese (because they are treated better).
  3. How Cambodians see President OBama - and how they view past Presidents. Wars, the Khmer Rouge at the time and much much more. Its really interesting to hear how the rest of the world sees the US outside of our bubble and also hearing about a country you are visiting from someone who knows it best.

We arrived at the Tatai River and headed out on a boat to our first ever "Glamping" experience - and I must say, it is pretty awesome. When we walked into the Welcome "Tent" at the boat dock and they handed us a lemongrass scented ice-cold towel - we knew we were in for a REAL treat. A far far cry from GeoPod #5.


This stretch of the Tatai river is called the Conservarion Corridor which encompases many of Cambodia's most outstanding natural sights. It includes the most extensive mangrove forests on mainland southeast asia, the Cardamom Mounains, rainforests and tons of waterfalls. There are only 4 places to stay on the tatai river - all resembling the floating villages of Tonle Sap and EcoLodges boasting luxury in-harmony with Mother Nature. So quiet with amazing service, 4-star Four Rivers lodge was an Oasis to our usual 1-2 star hostels. Aside from Brian's run in with 4 was luxurious bliss for 1 whole night. We had amazing food, played many runds of UNO, swam in the River, kayaked and relaxed. A vacation from our "vacation". Traveling - and constantly moving from place to place in a third world country is a lot of work, and you don't really get into a groove until week 2. That's why 3 weeks is perfect.

At Four Rivers welcome tent - waiting for our boat to pick us up to take us to the lodge. It is about 30 miniues upriver.
A little house or pitstop along the river banks. Much less developed and inhabited here. Not many houses on the river.
Tatai River. On the boat ride out to the Lodge. Again another slow boat. Nothing is this country goes faster that 5 mph I swear it ....Dying to get into the water. It has been over 90 every day and the humidity is a killer. This might just be the cleanest area we have seen since the passport stamp at the airport.....
Four Rivers. 18 floating tents and they have no intentions of expanding. They want to keep it small which is good. The service was insane and the people are sooooo nice.
Four Rivers Floating EcoLodge. Our Tent on the inside. Pretty sweet right?! Insanely clean. After every check out they even clean and scrub the outside of the tent walls. No AC but with the tent screens it doesn't need it.
Gives you an idea of the Tent feel. You can open all sides if you want, which keeps the breeze flowing.
Taking a kayak trip out to see one of the ellusive waterfalls. Brian took one for the team when he walked up the path to see if it was one of the big ones. It ended up being about 2 feet high and came back with 4 leeches clinging to his legs and feet. before he even got 2 pulled off OO was 35 yards away paddling like mad to get the heck out of there hahahaha.
Getting ready for our first pampered night. Me and my new little elephant towel pet. I always hate taking them apart to use them - so I don't. It will be my Klaus substitute.
Early morning sweetness. So quiet - all you hear are the birds and the occasional motor boat....which is maybe every few hours as they putt by. Dieter - we should have taken bird pics for you - lots of crazy birds we have never seen.. guys coming back from kayaking around the island to the right.
Our staple Chaco picture with a new addition.
Headed out as the entire lodge waved goodbye. everyone there was so great. They let us stay until 2:30 and check out late because they said we weren't there long enough.
The bathroom with funky little shower. Hot water and all! Its amazing what you take for granted in your everyday life.
Every tent gets its own private deck with swim ladder, kayak tie and lounge chairs.
the 2' waterfall Brian got to see hehehe Was it worth it? as he was puling off the leeches franticly, he said "there is no shortage of creepy with these guys"
4 hours of UNO... I (Marisha) won the round to 800 points - Just sayin'. Oh, and if you were wondering I also won the round of WEED to 250 points. Just thought I'd let you all know that I like winning.
Brian looks recovered from his Leech incidentTrying to turn the kayaks into paddle boards - this can't be good - someone is going to break something, All brian kept yelling was "Don't break a hip OO, you'll ruin our trip"
Ahhhhhhh - book. good.
Best seat in the house.

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