Day 9 : Kampot

Like many new visitors to Kampot, we have been seduced by the little riverside town. It is a relaxed place with a hang-out-and-chill atmosphere. It's one of Cambodia's finest (yet rundown) ensembles of French Colonial architecture. Strolling the streets here evoke days long gone. Tree lined streets are filled with old french shop-houses now decrepit and faded. The main square and riverfront are revitalizing and spreading throughout town. We stayed at Orchid Guesthouse, after arriving with no reservations but a sense of the area we wanted to stay in.

Orchid Guesthouse is a series of shady little  bungalows in a garden setting with a thatched roof cafe and yes, A/C. Brian usually insists that that is his only request, and this time, with the 90 degree temps and 80% humidity....I agree.

The Orchid guesthouse and our cute little bungalow.
While we wait for OO - Its always happy hour in Cambodia.

Blissful Guesthouse, set across the street, was our usual hangout this stop. Blissful is run by a British expat from Manchester, a chef by trade and one hell of a past we couldn't quite get out of him. Skinny as a rail, one-toothed, tattoo covered and quiet as a mouse until everyone got "loosened up" on shots of pepper shots (a homemade brew of Vodka infused with the Famous Kampot peppercorns).

No famous Paris restaurant is worth its salt without the Kampot pepper. Almost all of Cambodia's pepper farms were destroyed by the Khmer Rouge who believed in growing only rice - not spice. Kampot pepper corns are making a powerful comeback though thanks to Eco-entrepreneurs and foodies who are passionate about the unique spice that has a delicate aroma yet packs a powerful punch. It is now only grown on small family farms in an area that possesses a unique climate combined with labor intensive growing techniques. its good. We were served up the shots from Raphael, a traveler from Montreal. 

Blissful Guesthouse. Party central across the street from our Guesthouse. we shall keep the noise over here ok?!
And here he goes again.... we really are trying to keep him from getting mange we swear it.
Starting off our long night at Blissful guesthouse. With Raphael the bartender from Montreal.
Here I am watching brian fall into the bushes.... when it comes to brian it really doesnt matter which country we are in, its all the same hahah
The Polish Flag drink - if you were here Cuz-ants, we could share it! (Paul, Jan, Adam, Ali, Thomas, Brookie, Mike, Matt)

Lets make some the next time we are together!! From Paul Sherman, on Dec 5, 2012 at 07:44PM

We heard runmors of live music at a place on the river on the outskirts of town called Bodhi Villa. We took a Tuk-Tuk out the whopping 10 minutes to check it out. A funky Swiss Family Robinson style place, this Eco-lodge boasted an iTunes collection bigger than Apple itself. They even had Slightly Stoopid - our Fave.


Out at Bodhi villa. The guys made some bad decisions. First OO stripped down to his man panties and ran thrugh the bar then they proceeded to strut along a skinny wood plank 20 feet in the air in the pitch dark and jump into River monster waters.
I bet we can get a great deal on this bad boy. A little" armor all" and some duct tape she will be as good as new.
Recycling at it's best. Public trash cans made from old rubber tires.
Downtown Kampot
At the riverfront. The boys headed in from a day of fishing.
RikiTikiTavi. A swankly little place on the riverfront. It sort of sticks out like a sore thumb its so nice. We couldnt resist a fancy place to hang out for dinner. Probably one of the most expensive places we hit on the trip and it was still only $8 an entre - which is pricey for Cambodia
The Cowles' at RickiTickiTavi. I had a Fresh Ginger Martini. so yum! bri a Man-jito and OO a long island that knocked his socks off.
OO in his element - sporting very strong long island Iced Tea.
A dark,yet hilarious, TukTuk ride back into town. It was pure entertainment ...for me anyway. There is video of the entire conversation which is too dark and also not suitable for public internet.
Kampot town. Very French colonial yet run down of course, but you get an idea of what it was once like. If it werent for the Khmer Rouge, who knows where it could have ended up....
At Epic Arts Cafe. A cafe in town that teaches disabled locals to gain work skills. the entire place is run and operated by deaf students. They teach you sign language for every item you order too.
Where we founnd Brian after last nights party binge. hehehehe (can't believe mr germ-a-phobe actually laid on the ground)
At the riverfront nearing sunset. OO pondering in his OO head....what a sap.
From the riverfront looking back into town. Kampot of one the towns that has a lot of charm. It has a long way to go because it took big hits durung the fighting in Vietnam war, the cival war, the Khmer Rouge..... sheesh.
Me, drawn in by the cool design, these two drawn in by this sign. At RikiTikiTavi, Kampot
Heading out in our shared taxi to the next town. Every time you get into one of these things you have to cross your fingers that your bags actually make it because they have to keep the back open to fit it all in.

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