Day 7 : Pursat

I am writing this on Thanksgiving. So Happy Thanksgiving. It will probably not post until days later as internet is a killer, uploading pics is a brutal time suck and I'd rather be exploring. We need Turkey and we are  Thankful we are here. We hired a private taxi to take us to Kampot. It's a full days drive so we have stopped over in the little town of Pursat for the night. We are about 2 hours south of Battambang.Pursat, way off the tourist grid, is like stepping back into the wild west Cambodian style. A 5 block x 5 block grid of dirt roads, 2 small hotels and a "saloon" - no joke. If this were the wild west  it would truly be a saloon.  An outdoor eatery with an entrance of ladies sitting in the doorway just waiting for a cowboy to sweep them off their feet - for a fee of course.

More weird chips - spicy lobster Pringles. Just a little snack of spicy lobster pringles.
On the way to Pursat. This is not what you expect to see on the main road on a roadtrip. Couldn't tell if they were dinner because it looked like one of them lifted its head for a second ....?????
Our Hotel room. hehe Brian modeling the suave curtains.
A minor pitstop due to a roadblock...of a duck crossing. We have seen this before, but honestly it never gets old.
Our pimpin hotel in Pursat. The nicest building in town, although town is apx 5 blocks.
This was at the "Saloon" - with the ladies on the menu. Dinner was Cambodian style sour curry soup with chicken. Careful of the chicken - its basically chopped into giant pieces with bones and all ...delicious yet dangerous.

Breakfast was a treat. everyone stared at us like they were thinking, "what the hell are you doing way out here?".   That is when you know you are way off the tourist trail. We ordered from a guy that shook his head back and forth when we asked if they had menus. Ok, try folding your hands like a book then ask " menu". Nope, still the head shake. "No menus?  Uhhhhhh....... He said in heavy acent..."chicken or soup" as he pointed to a huge plate of fried chicken thighs pass by. Then he shruged. "Eggs?" ...pause.... and a yes head nod. I guess if you have chickens back there, you have eggs. The next surprise was the coffee. Khmer coffee which i guess when you are out in the sticks is what you get when you order coffee. A thick brew that when you add even a cup of cream stays the color of motor oil. And at first sip - holy chocolate bomb. It tastes like a cup of hot chocolate pudding before it cools and solidifies with some coffee added. Actually good, but man, one is so more than enough. I was flying on caffeine and chocolate for hours. Off to Kampot.....

Breakfast. No menus, just option 1 or 2 - or if they have the ingredients in the kithen they can whip up a mean omlette too.
Brian opted for the soup for breakfast. Fried chicken legs just didnt seem as breakfasty...
Pursat kitchen. The expediting station at the outdoor cafe we went to for breakfast. Most places look just like this. Its usually better to NOT see where they cook your food.
The bill. 3 breakfasts, fresh bread, 2 coffees, 1 tea. Aproximately $3.57. This is why making it into the countryside is worth it....

That is a beautiful scarf... Bri:) Festive From JOHNSTON, on Dec 4, 2012 at 05:32PM

the hot chocolate pudding coffee sounds amazing. right up my alley. ghetto mocha. miss you guys! From pavone, on Dec 4, 2012 at 04:51PM


The countryside is changing as we get closer to Kampot - it is closer to Vietnam. Headed towards the coast.

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