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Day 10 : Rio Dulce, Guatemala

A 3 hour bus ride while watching "Transformers" en espaniol, ended in the town Frontiera which begins the Rio Dulce. We got dropped off in the center of town and so made our way to find the marina. You know, everywhere you travel there is always one common thread....exiting your transportation. No matter where you are, its the same scene. Guys mobbig you to find you a hotel. Guys mobbing you to use their Taxi all shouting out names of nearby towns or attractions, Women mobbing you to buy something or other....kids doing the same. Its always very hectic and sometimes a little stressful until you get your back pack on your body and your belongings well grasped.
We had a nice guy trying to help us the whole way and we ignored him due to past experiences. In reality, all he wanted to do was help us to the dock for maybe a Q...(under a dollar). It is sad but a reality. In a country like Guatemala which is getting use to more and more kinds of travelers, you just never know. You have to go with your gut and hope all the decisions you make are the right ones....for you and for them.


The Rio Dulce. This handy little map shows our route. Starting left (at the bridge) ending in Livingston to the far right.
Some Guatemalan 5-O complete with shotguns. These guys are everywhere, Even resturaunts.
The Marina we left from in Frontiera.
The view out the front of our boat as we left.

We hopped on our little boat an hour later and were on our way.Where Lago de Izobel empties into the Rio Dulce, you´ll find the river leads into a system of gourges between sheer rock faces over 100 meters high and covered with the thickest of jungle vegitation. The jungle is so thick that most of the trees themselves are overgrown by a blanket of vine netting. 


We love riding in boats!
The Rio Dulce has some huge hut houses along the shores. Second homes perhaps for Guatemala's wealthy
A more humble abode.
On the Rio Dulce.The kiddies taking the school-boat to school.
In Guatemala, we like to call this "a moving target". She was decked out in gold earrings, bracelettes and watch...a no no.
More cool hut homes.
We love this wee one - kind of like the finca tree house meets bayou.
Rio Dulce. A roving dental clinic, stopping at all the villages along the way.

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