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Day 6 : Tikal National Park

And one of our major must do's - Tikal.  Meanwhile back in 700bc, Tikal was the largest (and tallest) known Maya city in Central America. We booked a shuttle to the Park to play Tourista for the day.  

Towering pyramids peek out of the jungle canopy while sounds of angry howler monkeys and chirping birds fill the air. There Jaguars, howler and spider monkeys, crocodiles and giant Guinea pigs roam wild. The site at one point spread well into Belize and Mexico.

Tikal. Here is a scaled replica so you can see how big it is - and skip the whole experience f you don't want to walk a lot.
Monster tree in Tikal. a Tree huggers paradise.
The main complex of Tikal.
What it looks like when they are half way done uncovering a buried temple.
What it looks like when they are half way done.
Bri at Tikal. Thinking he'd like to be King until we were told a little story about living here back tin 700 bc....

Soon - A few Maya rules to survive past 18 : do not be good looking, do not be a virgin, do not be the captain of the sports team...or you get sacraficed.  Also, do not be the king -  you have to bleed our your eartips, finger tips and penis tip.... and bleed them often...... Bri no longer has aspirations of being a king.


Liability? What liabilty - get up and wander aroud at your own risk.
A sketchy little view from the top.
A little close up to show the steepness of the ladder-stair.
Dangerous snacking.
Tikal from above. You can hear howler monkeys all day.
Us on top of an unearthed monument
Headed down is less scary believe it or not.
Another view from the top looking down.

What a good photo. You can really feel the challenge of the climb. From Pamela Van Arsdale, on Aug 15, 2014 at 11:00AM

The cave section of the tour - Poor B was the first to go down.
And this is exactly why B was the first down ...this is whats IN that cavern hole. No likie!

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