El Salvador | Guatemala

Day 5 : Flores, Guatemala

We crossed the boarder today. 
As we crossed the boarder, we got out to change money with a guy holding a wad of cash. El Salvadore uses US currency and Guatemala the Quetzal. Needless to say it was not a very good rate and that makes Brian Craaaazy.
We are kind of sorry we did not get to spend more time in El Salvador. Aside from the Capital city of San Salvador, it is very welcoming. No one really hassels you, they actually round down prices in the markets.  The locals are not jaded by a tourist industry yet.

The Boarder cross at El Salvador - Guatemala. Everyone has a gun. Floyd Boyd Lloyd would love it


Our bus Dropped us off in Guatemala city. We had heard horror stories of this city, but after San Salvador...this place was....reeeeeal niiiiice. We went immediately to the airport to realize we had to wait 4 hours for the only flight - which, get this...took 30 minutes. Full size airplane. The second it hit cruising altitude, we were descending.

Our first stop was Flores. Flores is a wee island in Lago de Izabal (lake Izabal) that you can cover in about 15 minutes (apx 2km across). It is the jumping point for Tikal ruins. The largest Maya ruins in central America. It kicks Chichen Itza's Mayan ass.

Flores has tons of lake front restaurants, hostels, semi-cobble stone streets....and the people are very nice. They don't scare the pants off you like parts of the rest of the country does.

(oh,and in the airport we met a girl from Australia named Catherine who traveled with us for a day or 3). She has been travelling since Februrary...

we arrived in Flores. The view from our hotel balcony. Its only redeaming quality actually.
Like I said that view is the only redeeming quality of this place. Our very very scary room. hahahahahahahahahahaha....love the artwork. Feast your eyes on this place Geoff.
The one and only church in town.
The streets of Flores.
Out for the night at a Hostel down the street. Because, lets be honest, no one wants to hang out at our place.
Having a beer on the Balcony overlooking the lake.
The electric shower head for hot water.... uhhhhhh...someone want to explain to the Guatemalan people those 2 do not mix! We call these suicide showers.
Typical streets of Flores.
Another Flores street shot. Already gearing up for Christmas....
The next morning on the bus to Tikal with our new friend Catherine from Australia. You should have seen me before this acting out coffee "to go" because I have no idea how to say "to go".

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