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Day 2 : Ataco, El Salvador

I tell you what - this is only day 2 and we feel like I have been to 3 towns oh wait - we have been to 3 towns.... Its been a fun day -  random, but fun. Tomorrow we hit the "safe bus" to Guatemala. It's a 4 hour ride, which is not bad. After being to sedentary in Mexico - we are excited to keep it moving.  
Our last stop was Ataco. There was a funny little weekend festival/market happening here too which we were told happens every month so its awesome caught it. Again, we would have never known about this if it weren't for or driver man.  The policia even get involved in the festivities .....wait for the pics.  hahahahaha

The town square in Ataco.
Brian's dreamland of sugary sweets.
More food....
Oh My God - Remember me telling you the Police were involved?
Making coffee - freshies.
Yes - fried plantains just for me.
This is just my favorite hahahaha

La Policia have waaay to much time on their hands

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