El Salvador | Guatemala

Day 2 : Juyayua, El Salvador

Juyayua was our original destination because every sunday they have the "Festival de Gastronomica". No joke. That is really the name. Food as far as the eye can see. We were told to try the pupusas (which we already had, and love), Yucca (which is a plantain covered in shredded pork, vinegar cole slaw and broth - yum), conjeho (rabbit - which tastes like very good chicken), and atol de elote (a super yum sweet corn mashed up like oatmeal)...and much much more.

The Cowles on a waterfall hike. This was random and a surprise from our driver. So whoot whoot.
Gastronomica Festival - lets get to it!
Random foods to try
More random food to try
Pretzel lizzard breads. hehe
Juayua the Town
And then this happened just a random snake lady on the sidewalk
All yummy. No idea what this is - but still yummy.
Rabbit - tasts like chicken - like everything else. Except now I'm sad.
Fishes al la fancy

Our driver gave us flash backs of Thailand, except the speeds are mush faster. We think he ran atleast 4 guys off the road. Tomorrow we are catching a bus to the boarder into Guatemala. Its our first international boarder to boarder crossing. 

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