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Day 2 : Apaneca, El Salvador

SO...this morning we catch what we think is a "ride" along the Routa de Flores to the mountain town Juyayau and end up on a tour of 4 towns plus a waterfall hike. 2 of the towns were having celebartions. It was actually very sweet. Traveling the La Ruta de las Flores, slowly and purposefully, is like a meander through the story of El Salvador. It's a searingly beautiful series of villages, each with a mix of colonial architecture in indigenous tones. Those who like the good life can feast on local food, particularly at the weekend markets, browse the craft tiendas, or undertake firsthand research into why El Salvadoran coffee is renowned across the world. Apaneca was the first stop along the way. 

Breakfast in an amazing little mountain town along the way.
Breakfast Tamales
Apaneca, El Salvador. A great little town, so lacking in tourists, they looked at us like we were nuts when we tried to barter. Re-freshing.
Apaneca, El Salvador. Buying some nuts...
Routa de Floures. B eating all the table fixins before Breakfast.
Pannie-cakes with chocolate sauce. Are you kidding me???
Apaneca, El Salvador. Brian, who hates cats.
Apaneca, El Salvador. Well, thats about it for the size of the town. 1 block.
Apaneca, El Salvador Our public street sweeper. Oh my god, seriously. Isn't he cute?!

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