El Salvador | Guatemala

Day 1: San Salvador, El Salvador

We are now in El Salvador. Let the Honeymoon begin haha . We landed in San Salvador at around 3pm and made our way to Casa Clementina. Judith and her daughter have rooms for rent in their house. We even got hugs.

Ok...San Salvador is a little scary. Not going to lie to you. We walked a block to get pupusas which are a local favorite (Corn dough filed with cheese, beans and meat filled like a pocket and Grilled on an open fire). Yum.

On our walk, 1 block away mind you, we saw an armed guard carrying an M16. This is in a residential neighborhood. A GOOD residential neighborhood. We were warned by Judith  - and made to promise her we would be back before dark. "Is no safe out there", she said.Their house, which you canot see from the road, is really great. It is also shrouded by a huge wall, layered in razor wire. Locked in for the night, we lounged on the sofas in the outdoor living rooom and watched "S.W.A.T" the movie on satelite dish.  A few gunshots in the middle of the night made us Feel right at home actually.

The next moring, we had breakfast waiting and a ride to take us up into the mountains where we were supose to catch a chicken-bus over the boarder. Again, says Judity "Is no safe - I will get you to big bus. Is safer for you".  Great.

Outside the San Salvador airport. Chaos as usual.
Our bathroom, which we always take pictures of and always will.
A little reading before food.
About to eat our first papusas. Soooooo yummy
Papusa with veggie and cheese
In our little room with ironed sheets at Casa Clementina.
Case Clementina. Hanging in the outdoor living room. A random selection of books and vcr tapes.
The walls of Casa Clenentina - safety first. (Bang Bang Bang - did you hear that?)
The Papusa making lady making her delicious little corn pillows.
Me, at the quickie mart. You have to point at what you want. then they slide a 3' tray at you through the bars.

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