2 : The No-Rehersal BBQ

No rehearsal means no rehearsal dinner. We wanted everything to feel very natural so we decided to wing the whole ceremony. Good call or worst decision ever - only time will tell.
Instead of a rehersal dinner we had a very casual BBQ at the Tankah Inn. It's a small Inn right next door to our house and within walking distance to most everyone's lodging. The food was great and it was so fun to pre-party with everyone. There was even a little Polka time - although it was to mariachi music.....

The guys at the BBQ
The April 16 1974 Birthday Buddies - they kind of look alike...
Dad and Ciocia Anna
Me and my very very very best friend!
My Aunt Wanda and Cuz Tolly all the way from Japan in his Man-Mono. Nuts - just nuts
Me and my Person.
I call this one the MidWest gang.
More of the Colorado gang.
Mom and B
The cousins
Me and my nieces! love love love!
Polka to a little mariachi because that's all we have and that's what we do.
The Mexican I'm bringing home with me.
Late night beach vibes. Jessie and OO.

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