Day 21: Goa, India

Go-Ahhhhhh. We spent the last 4-5 days of our trip in Goa. The smallest State in India located on the south-western tip of the country. If any of you have seen the "Bourne Supremacy", they filmed the opening scenes here - where he takes a run on the beach (Goa) and When they chase him through the skinny streets of Panaji, and they kill his girlfriend, and he kicks some ass... again. (No Matt Damon on this trip though).

Off to a good start. This is our Taxi driver - he took us from the airport to his house so he could run an errand home. We are on Goa time now...

Goa is always though of as a single beach filled with hippies and expats and all night dance parties. Its actually many beaches filled with hippies and expats, all night dance parties plus a lush landscape and loads of Eco tours. Panjim is the first State in India to ban plastic water bottles making it mandatory that Hotels and restaurants refill reusable containers with purified water for free. If you have ever been to a 3rd world country and seen plastic water bottles and bags littering the streets - multiply that by 500 and you have the India trash problem. They are trying, but its a slow process.

Finally we spent more than 2 nights in one place. Its cute right?
Getting henna tattoo'd. A must-do in India.
One of the many beaches at Goa. Vagator Beach.
My bad ass Tat - ok, close enough. I did pass out just getting travel shots mind you.
The fruit Lady. We got a watermellon from her.

It was a nice place to get back on the beach. We planned on doing a whole lot of nothing, but It never pans out that way. We shopped ourselves weary, visited a spice plantation, did a city tour of Punaji (Goa's Capital) and only spent a total of 5 hours "laying" on the beach the entire time. We got to visit the Famous Anjuna "Wednesday Flea market". Started in the late 60's by a bunch of Hippies basically trying to sell all their things just to get home. Now it is a regional market representing all the regions of India - including neighbors from Tibet and many more. We ended our beach stay by listening to live music on the beach while watching the sun dip into the Arabian sea (and partaking in some local moonshine - Fenni).

Catholic Church in Punaji, Goa (not many of those around)
Old town Punaji. The guy on the bike was showing us where our restaurant was. People so nice here!
Bri with some Masala flavored chips.
Old Town Punaji
Ah - Feast your eyes on the public restroom.

On our walk through town we hit a trail that lead to what we can only believe is a cult. Looking back now we wish we would have taken video if it all.... but it felt a little too sketchy to pull out a camera. 

Does anyone know what this is? We went in, and we'd swear its a cult! Creepy.
View from the cult building's balcony - over Punaji
They got him.... See Geoff, he finally got his dot
The back side of the Anjuna Market. Buts up to the beach and is about the size of 4 Wallmarts.
Anjuna market. Anyone know where we can get a good hammok?
hahahahahahahaha - a little closer to ther King thing he's hoping for.
The Anjuna Market. Ahh some space.
Light and Hookahs and Bongs oh my.
The bar - some refreshing Fenni moonshine made out of fermented cashews and coconuts.
The food court at the Anjuna Market.
Some Beach time. For christ's sake - umbrella, t shirt - you'd think he was 90 years old.
Kiddies playing on an old boat.
I HAD to get one. A Bacardi Breezer. Didn't know they still made them. Ahh highschool all over again. Meeeemmmmories.
I had to try it! Oi! Full of fruit too. No wonder they are so short.

Merrrrp – crap video of the Goa beach scene

Melanie? Is that you? This chick was dancing up a storm for the locals. Must be her first day. She was later mobbed....
Ok - this is het second time. It must be an India thing....
My new friend Spot
Beachside Bar entertainment brought to you by all the animal rights activists of the world

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