Day 18 : Kochi to Goa

We did a lot of popping around the West side of India from the North desert region of Rajasthan to the lush green backwaters of Kerala.  And we have seen and had some amazing adventures. Most of the really interesting things you see are getting from one place to another - because, well in this place - that is easier said than done. Now we head to Goa, our last stop at the Southern end of India. 

Leaving the town towards the airport - we were taking a pic of the palace in the sunrise - and then noticed the "slums" in front of it. If you have seen "Slumdog Millionaire", you get how it was. Just horrifying and heartbreaking to see in person. I cried.
An early morning trip to the airport. Mornings are always smokey - that is when everyone burns their trash.
Elephants at the airport
Kingfisher - the beer company also owns an airline. "Fly the good times"
On the road to the airport, that elephant was about 16' tall - and that is not a lie
The super sweet airport at Cochin (Kochi). Nice -

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