Day 6 : Jodhpur, India

Jodhpur -  Our next stop in Rajasthan. This city is a whole lot crazier than the last. When we first arrived in Rajasthan, we pit-stopped in Jodhpur for about an hour before taking the train to Jaisalmer. And we have to admit, we panicked a little. We were dropped off in the center of the busiest market/intersection in town.... and that is saying a lot in this country.  People are thick, much more aggressive and moving non-stop with no idea of personal space whatsoever. . Thank God we had some time to acclimate. India is NOT for first timers! It truly is as hard to travel here as they say it is. Still fun and worth every minute. You learn the tips as you go which makes every next stop a bit easier. By the time we got back to jodhpur in only a few days it felt less intimidating. Not so...... Wild west...or east. India....

Well, you'd think after all the traveling we have done, we would have been ready for this...India is truly the Craziest place on earth. We were told this by many people, but you never really appreciate the full magnitude of it until you witness it in person. Organized chaos is the best way to explain India. Pure unadulterated crazy chaos that seems to work just fine for those living in it.

Traffic is nuts with cars, people, bikes, horses, name it. Seems like Tuk-Tuks are everywhere we go and just different enough to make them their own.
Another shot of the Market. Notice the kid on the roof. And we freak out that our parents use to put us in cars with no car-seats....
An Indian delivery truck.
Blonde hair is very popular here. Bri and I are always being stopped and talked to. Everyone thinks we are from Australia or UK though because they dont see many Americans.
Bri - at our Hostel. This place runs a charity that helps girls and women become more independant. They teach them skills for work, how to get out of abusive relationships and be indpendant.
Lady in the Jodhpur Market.
Working a deal for some Tea and Spices. Masala, chai, curry......mmmmm yes please
Spices inside the Market. They are pretty and it smells awesome.

Its the little things you pick up on that make your life a whole lot easier. For instance, They don't like lines - we have learned. A line will start and little Indians left and right will infultrate from the sides edging you out. Women all decked out in silk and bright happy colors will literally shove you aside or throw an arm in front of you to buy a ticket. They're good. You have to be pushy and downright physical at times. Ladies lines are generally shorter, so it is now my job to throw an elbow or two to get our tickets to anyplace. Getting onto the trains is a whole other site. In the 3rd class cars, they will jump in through the windows just to get a seat (chickens and all). Thank god we get the 1st class 3-tier A/C cars...(1st class used loosely, its still downright dirty and nasty).
Brian is becoming more comfortable with cows. He was messing with one for a picture and almost got poked in the forehead with its huge horn. Never seen him move so fast. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants.

See some pics. We are one city behind on the updates - so as soon as we can we'll update.
On to A new area tomorrow. No more desert.

The Blue City Of Jodhpur. Painted blue to ward of (Mozzies) mosquitos. We ventured through here to check out this part of town.Feels like the bronx - but blue
A door painted in pepsi logo on a store that was closed....
B in the Bamboo district. Notice the swastika. It means good luck here and the symbol is older than Nazi Germany - so they snagged it and ruined it.
Us outside the Mehrangarh Fort. It is one of the largest forts in India. It sits 400 feet above the city and The imprints of cannonball hits by attacking armies of Jaipur can still be seen on the second gate.
Fantastic. This Pretty much sums it up right? 2 pails for water - 2 for sand. Lets hope it is a small fire....
Oh, thats just Snots. Nosing through the trash. Roll over and let Uncle Clark scratch your belly. This cow is actually eating trash that is hanging outside the a plastic bag
Another Delivery truck. We found our way into the merchants side of town - the Babmoo district Here is where a lot of the good are made. Bamboo ladders, baskets, pottery...
Brian under the Palace at the Mehrangarh Fort . His goal now is to become a King - "Because Kings are Pimps".
View from the Palace walls looking down onto the Blue city.

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