Day 22 : Huanchaco, Peru

After our day in Trujillo, we felt we exhausted that venue (it's quite small) and headed about 30 minutes north  for the Beach town of Huanchaco. Again, way better than we expected. This once tranquil fishing hamlet, 3-4 miles outside of Trujillo, woke up one morning to find itself a brightly highlighted route on Peru's gringo trail. Managing to retain much of its villagey appeal, Huanchaco has come into its own popularity and today is happy to dish up a long menu of sleeping and dining options  for travelers.

"El Muelle", or the pier, is a landmark of Huanchaco. This steel pier was construced in 1891, it is 108 meters long

We would suggest heading here as well as Trujillo as a base for touring Trujillo's many ruins. An an alternative to Mancora,  (if you don't want to travel that far, want a little more people in your beach scene, some more surfing and less bed bugs) head here.   We walked around town, hung out on the beach and were gluttons on Cervasa and Pisco sours. Mmmmm. 

Town of HuanChaco Beach.
The courtyard of our Guest house
Bloody Mary. Or a bloody catchup as we liked to call it - ga-ross!
Mui deliciouso - coffee good
A local fishernam with the "Caballitos de totoras'
See....all we did
The town square where our guest house was located
Chillin on our balcony at the guesthouse.
The "boardwalk" along Huanchaco Beach
Every day fishermen use their "Caballitos de totora" (reedboats). They date from as far back as 500BC. Taking a ride in the Caballito de Tortora is another fun option. A local will take you out, or demonstrate for maybe $2 or $3.
So - This is what we did all day.
Ready for New Years eve when we land
Inca cola.. Too funny right? Tasts like Mountain Dew but with lemongrass and an extra 2 pounts of sugar.
A street meat vender. Super yum
Celebrating the new year Peru style. Lots of bling
The beach and the pier at sunset
Me and Franzie's Peruvian look-a-like... Franzo.

We are crossing the finish line. Leaving tonight for Atlanta to visit WOODY and  then on to Beautiful, sunny, snowy Denver, Colorado.  Snowboarding by Sunday! Brian can't wait to have his beloved Chipotle.

At the airport. Headed back. First stop , Atlanta where Woody is going to entertain us for 8 hours. When we land we head to a New Years Eve Party at Johnston's. Oy!
Atlanta, GA. B and Woody at Breakfast

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