Day 1 : Lima, Peru

Well, we Landed in Lima last night around 6:30pm. This was an easy cab ride from the airport (unlike the Bangkok debacle of 2004). There is a lot of Poverty here, a lot.... yet surrounding it is a surprisingly contemporary City. We were a little surprised by all the new Modern Architecture in Lima. Design must be a big priority - Who knew? We don't plan on stickiung around the city more than just this first day. The goal is usually to get out of the major cities soon and see the countryside. You see more and experience more that way. Its feels .... real.

See that, Design! How's that for a cool contemporary church. Not sure we've even seen one that cool in the states.
On our drive from the airport, One of the homes in downtown Lima. The streets are clean and nice too.

Francis, the owner of our Hostel. I had to kiss this guy he was so helpful and eve got up at 4am to make us breakfast before our flight to Cusco.

We ended up at the craziest Hostel ever, Mirafloures House. "Francois", the owner, hugged and kissed us and helped us RE-PLAN our trip. We had a general itinerary, and it went out the window for the most part because of his advice. Lets hope it pays off. The guy treated us better than some people get treated by their own family. 1 hour before we had to leave and get a plane to Cusco (4am) Francois got up and had egg and ham breakfast samis all hot and ready for us, along with fresh squeezed papaya juice - yummers.  

Last night, tho, On Francois' advice, we went to a restaurant close by and ordered off a menu we couldn't even read. Maybe we shoiuld invest in Spanish lessons. I guess just point and cross your fingers. Good none-the-less. We Tried a Peruvian drink called (Chicha Mirada) made from corn, spiced apple and nutmeg...still aren't sure if it had liquor in it or not. Thick as all hell - but good. Still have purple teeth. There is a purple version and a white version.

I mean look at this place - Super trippy. You can't really tell if your indoors or outside....I really love the treadmill - this must be the Gym
Steep stairs, 1/2 a roof, 1/2 a window...see what I mean?This let to the rooftop where the kitchen was. It only had 3 walls. That would be so dreamy.

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