Day 20 : Bangkok 2

We are back in Bangkok for the last 2 days of our trip to do some Christmas shopping and Temple seeing. 'Figure Christmas is 2 weeks away, why not change it up a little this year for gifts. We bought a Hockey Bag for about $5.00 and filled it to the gills with teak, jewelry, name it. Everything but a small Thai person. Sad to see the trip draw to a close, but 3 weeks away, it will be nice to be back. Taking advantage of our last days though, we took in a real Muay Thai fight, caught an infamous Sex-zy show (yiks), and partied a little for the king's Birthday. Well Happy Birthday to The King ... the entire city of bangkok has come out to celebrate. White lights, pictures of the guy and flowers are everywhere. Even the cab drivers offer you a beer to celebrate. Johnston was supose to leave yesterday, but he missed his flight - too much King Celebration - but he headed out this morning. We are going to hit a temple today - and keep it chill before our flight tomorrow moening.
Cheers, and see you back in Denver.
-M +B

Look everybody, its fun society day. We have no idea what Fun society Day is, but its really fun.
King's Birthday, and everyone celebrates. The Cabbie gave us Beers to drink in the cab as he drove us all over.
The city is all decked out for the KIng's Birthday. Every street looked like it was on fire there were so many lights.
Mui Thai boxing In a real stadium ..... we have seen lots of matches while in Thailand, but this is the first big event we went to .
Like brian says, Always bet on blue. He still doesnt win very often though..
thats about $2.US..... There was NO WAY n hell I was leaving into the streets of Bangkok with no show on... so here is your $2 buddy and a beer. Thanks! I hope he doesnt get an infection from all those scrapes!
Wat Arun on the bank of Chao Phraya River is one of Bangkok's world-famous landmarks.
There are some Cool statues at Wat Arun
Monks headed out and about. The boys on Thailans volunteer to be monks atleast once in theirlifetime. Some when they are younger - some later in life. Its purely volunteer and you can do it for as long as you want.
Here is a Float dedicated to the King;s Birthday. Christmas shopping, is done as you can see!
He drove us all ovet BAngkok so we could see how the city and the entire country celebrated.
The roof of our cab. The cabs are all different and very personal.
The bleechers are another story though. No high tech here. Its about as old school as you get.
ok, so I dropped my flip flop.... into the nasty underbelly of the staduim. There is years of muck and nasyness under there - you dont even know! So a traveler, who obviously was running out of money, offered to get it for 20 batt...
"Temple of the dawn": just on the other side of the river in Bangkok. Decorated entirely with pieces of broken porcelain
Wat Arun It has an imposing spire over 70 metres high, beautifully decorated with tiny pieces of coloured glass and Chinese porcelain placed delicately into intricate patterns.
As we were walking around Bangkok, we Stumbled into this random Temple courtyard. All you hear is birds.

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