Hi!  (English)

Welcome to our Travel diary.

Traveling, and especially on a shoestring (whether you need to or not), is good training for almost everything - the cheaper the hotel we stay in, the better the stories. And so far we think that's an almost unfailing law. We started this blog in 2004 mainly for our parent's sanity. This site allows anyone to follow along where we are going, have been, or are... at any given point. We, like many others that have been bitten by the travel bug LOVE hearing about other people's trips. It inspires us to do and try something we never thought we would. When we find ourselves in a rut, we revisit our trips here to jumpstart the next. We hope this does the same for you.

Here you will not find advise on how to get the most bang for your buck at an all-inclusive resort. Or the best ways to Cruise the world. This is simply a diary of Self-Planned trips - mainly focused on Adventure and experiencing the most authentic version of whatever Culture we find ourselves  in. Hidden in the story and experience of each adventure are tips we have picked up along the way.  Some good - some not so good.  Take them as you will....

So Travel safe,  Adventure + Enjoy!




Weird stories



Oh my GOD, take a picture of this. No one will believe we slept in this filth.

~Marisha & Brian (more than one occasion)